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Delivering the Promise of
Cross-Platform Communications

and compatibility with everything from smart phones to trunked radios regardless of manufacturer - NOW!

  • Near 100% Land-Mass Coverage
  • Rapid Deployment for Mission Critical Applications
  • Interoperable with LTE, VoLTE, and other Push-to-Talk Radios
  • Efficient Use of Frequencies through Spectrum Sharing Technology
  • Seamless and Directed Smartphone Integration (BYOD)
  • FCC Compliant. Meets All 2022 Coverage Milestones

Advanced Yet Affordable
Critical communications with state of the art features like noise-cancelling technology at a fraction of the cost.

Century Airwaves is a consortium of telecommunications companies that have banded together to address the ongoing needs to replace existing radios (P-25) along with the redefinition of FirstNet under AT&T. It is time that radios be able to talk to each other, have 100% land mass coverage, LTE voice, data, broadcasting (eMBMS) capabilities at an affordable price. With Century Airwaves that time is NOW!
Century Airwaves Partners

About Bruce Scapier — President of Century Airwaves

Century Airwaves is led by Bruce Scapier, President and Founding Partner. Bruce's history in the telecommunications industry goes back over 30 years.

While still attending college at Columbia University in New York, Mr. Scapier began his business career in international finance through personal contacts in Korea and the US. In addition to studying a liberal arts curriculum at Columbia, Mr. Scapier augmented the scope of his education by simultaneously attending classes at New York Polytechnic Institute, also in New York City. Mr. Scapier has had a global career from early on, working with the largest and most influential and renowned firms and individuals in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Egypt, Mexico and Canada. 

Early in his career in international finance, Mr. Scapier developed a methodology for “stand-by” financing of goods or services reflecting market conditions while producing stability. This type of transaction is now in common practice. Seriatim, Mr. Scapier was responsible for spot marketing, as well as long term financing in petroleum, pulp and paper and transactions involving products and services sensitive to international governmental politics, for example: the sale of Saudi oil to Israel. 

Mr. Scapier also developed relationships within the telecom industry at the highest levels, predominantly dealing with the utilization of spectrum. In 1997, he moved into wireless telecom where he became interested and involved with 800 MHz spectrum utilization. He acquired all of the available 800 MHz spectrum in Alaska and put together what is now the Sprint system in Alaska.

Bruce Scapier — President of Century Airwaves

SpaceData Portable Communications Equipment

Space Data demos lightweight LTE kit on 50' mast, 500' tethered aerostat & 60k ft modes, all checked as standard airline luggage at #OCR2017

Athonet Communications Backpack

Athonet Communications Backpack

TASSTA Push-To-Talk Communication Over Broadband



SpaceData Communications Balloon

Air Balloon Launch

Jeff Schweitzer @Verizon launches Space Data LTE balloon with Nokia Ultra Compact Network @nokia to 60,000 feet at #OCR2017.

Athonet Communications Drone

Athonet Communications Drone

TASSTA PTT Radios and Phones



3GPP-Compliant Communications


Century Airwaves is 100% 3GPP-compliant with a future roadmap from TETRA, DMR, LTE towards 5G, as solutions become available.

Advanced Yet Affordable
Expand your networks with state of the art features like noise-cancelling technology at a fraction of the cost. Get digital radios at analog prices.

Tetra Noise Cancelling